'overthinking life'

Possibly like me, you overthink life too!

How will my kids turn out? Will this renovation make me money? Did my vote make a difference? Who cares about elections anyway? Upgrade the car or invest the money?

Despite how much we overthink life, it comes down to the past leaving clues for the present. So much in life is cyclic and the past has the proof.

In the Cairns market I have seen 2 good months of Sales and new listings which is interesting as, in my 13 years experience, usually the lead ups to elections is when the market goes quiet. Not this time around so that had me research reasons why this could be....

This research has lead me to find an interesting article on the relationship between the Australian dollar and Cairns's last property boom and busts. (see the above graph) I'm no expert on econcomics however there is a visible correlation between these two factors.

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