Trust more important than method

I was thinking recently about a house I sold a few years ago. 

It was for a couple who were/are great friends of mine.  Now most people are concerned that listing with a friend can be fraught with danger, but I disagree.  I honestly believe my friends wouldn't have got the result they did, if they had not listed with someone they knew and more importantly trusted.

The house was a fabulously renovated Queenslander close to town, with a converted granny flat. It was beautifully styled and I knew it was going to attract a lot of attention.  I knew immediately that selling at auction was the best option.  When I told them my strategy, they were hesitant, but they trusted me as their agent & friend to do what I believed would deliver the best result.    

The result!  The house attracted a lot of interest with 5 registered bidders, with 2 eager buyers pushing the sale price almost $50K over their expected top sale price.

Now the moral of the story is not about auction’s or selling with friends. 

Rather it is simply that without complete trust in me – their agent and friend to deliver the best outcome, the result may well have been a lot different… at least $50,000 different. 

Trust trumps a reduced commission rate and other 'free' marketing any day of the week.



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