House Proud!

There's $$ in that!

Who knows that neighbour that;

·     mows their lawn weekly

·     like the car insurance ad, runs outside & takes the leaves off their car

·     spies out the window checking the dog walkers don’t poo on his lawn. (the dogs of the dogwalkers that is! Lol)

Oh, wait that’s you, is it?


Well, if that is you and you are thinking of selling “Please call me now”. Because your home, ‘house proud homes’, sell like hot cakes!!


·     Buyers love homes that are spotless, neat and tidy.

·     Building inspectors like them because they know they have been well maintained.

·     Valuers like them as they look brand new.


These habits are actually money makers!  When shopping, as humans we're wired to see value in things that look good. Property is no different!


Now is a great time to capitalise on this ‘low supply’ market and take full advantage of the increase in prices and decrease in days on market.


Yep, I know you are wanting to see if the market will go higher but remember we only know the peak of the market after it starts going down.


Seize the day and make the hay!

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